Shooting Music

I first got into shooting music for the free passes.

A band I was into at the time, Blind Guardian, were coming to play in Dublin. I did some google searches and found the email for their management and sent them an email, claiming to be an experienced music photographer.

Chris Cornell

They put me on the guestlist and set me up with a press pass. Unusually, as I would later find out, they didn’t limit me to the first three songs, and I was able to stay in front of the security barriers for the whole show, though I eventually left to join the crowd and my friends, to enjoy the last couple of songs.

Rise Against

I was hooked after that and would continue shooting shows in Dublin. Whether it was small up and coming bands or international bands on tour, I would pester everyone for passes.

Republic of Loose

Over the next couple of years I shot for Chris Cornell, Rise Against, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Juliette and the Licks as well as up and coming Irish acts like Royseven and The Blizzards. I even flew home for two days from a holiday in Portugal to enjoy a night shooting Royseven supporting The Kaiser Chiefs in Marley Park. Being up on that stage was fantastic.


That was back around 2006 to 2009 and it’s been a long time since I’ve shot any live music.

Chris Cornell

In November I found out through Facebook about a music and arts festival being put on here in Vietnam for three days in Mui Ne, by the beach. Thankfully the organisers were very easy going and happy to let me have the run of the place and shoot for the three days.


Ha from White Noize
James and the Van Der Beeks
The Iretones

For my first time shooting music on film I’m happy enough. The toughest part is the metering, with the lights. With digital you can underexpose and still manage to pull something from the image. With film and the constant changing of the lights, getting that exposure correct is much more difficult.

James and the Van Der Beeks
James and the Van Der Beeks

Thankfully though on the 26th I’ll be shooting a hardcore show, the first shoot of my new project, which will hopefully see me through for the next six to twelve months.

Mai Khoi Band

More shows, more practice.


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