Remembering Where We Started

This is the first roll of film I ever shot. 

Judging by the date on these pictures it was close to seventeen years ago now that I shot my very first roll of film.

My friend’s band were playing in a local community center and I declared myself their ‘official photographer,’ or something just as cheesy.

ISO? Aperture? Shutter speed? I had no idea what any of these were or how to use them.

The film type I don’t recall now, nor the camera. In fact I don’t recall much of that gig. But I am a little surprised, looking back at these images all these years later.

They aren’t as bad as I remember.

I mean they’re bad, yes, but over the years I remembered them as being much worse, totally indistinguishable frames of coloured mush with nothing going for them. In a strange way I think I could work with a couple of these now, just about.

I do rememebr though that I was bitterly disappointed at the time with how they came out, a disappointment which pushed me to want to learn why. Why they were bad and how could I fix it.

I’m glad I have this contact sheet still.

For those days where I feel that things just aren’t going right, or I’m just not happy with my work, it’s good to be able to look back and feel that at least I’ve come this far.


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