First Saigon Photography Meet

Up until recently I wasn’t quite sure just how many people in Ho Chi Minh City were interested in not only photography, but also film photography.

So after asking around on a Facebook group or two I discovered that in fact there is quite a number of people in Saigon sharing these interests. In fact one film group has twenty-two thousand members!

I posted some of my stuff and got a good reaction so decided to see if anyone was interested in meeting up. Not for a photo walk or anything like that, just coffee and general photography chat.

I set up a public facebook event, posted it on some of these groups and hoped that at least five to ten people might be up for it.


By the time the event rolled around it had been seen by nearly thirty thousand people, two-hundred and eighty were interested and nearly eighty had RSVP’d.

Of those, around thirty actually showed up and it was a fun afternoon of discussing what photography and photographers we liked, showing off our cameras (a good mix of film and digital) and generally a chill afternoon meeting photography heads face-to-face rather than from behind our laptops.


I also got the chance to try the digital Ricoh GR. Wow. If a camera could tempt me back to digital it might be that one.

So now I’m looking forward to the next meet and will have to find a location which will make it a little easier to move around and meet as many people as possible.




2 thoughts on “First Saigon Photography Meet

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Luckily I found your blog to comment on since the facebook event was empty after the meet.
    I showed up late that day and since it was too crowded I had to leave without saying hello.
    Maybe another meeting in bigger/outdoor place?


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