Coffee and Stickers

A few months back I had some business cards made up.

They were nice, but in the end, felt like a bit of a waste of money.

It was fun to design them, have them printed up and people were always complimentary about them when they were given one.

The cards were simple, with just my site address one the front and a quote on the back. They weren’t so much business cards and ‘here’s where you can see my work,’ cards.

But I know from how I treat business cards, people take em, stick em in their wallet and then just never look at them again. I sometimes wonder how many of the people to whom I gave a card ever actually went to my site in the end.

Probably not many.

James and the Van Der Beeks

I’ve gotten friendly with a well established band here in Saigon, James and the Van Der Beeks. And one reason I knew about them is because their logo is everywhere. I see it on lampposts, I see it stuck on helmets and motorbikes, on bags, on the street. On bathroom walls. That’s because bands don’t have business cards. Bands have stickers.

So why shouldn’t a photographer?


Yesterday I met up with Gareth from the band and he took me to his sticker place. I had put something simple and quick together in photoshop and wanted to get about 200 made up, but long story short, my hard drive wouldn’t work with the guys computer. Typical.

But I will go back later this week and try again.

However, after that Gareth took me to a great little coffee shop on Thai Van Lung, in District 1.

Coffee Town

This little collection of alleys had a really Japanese feel to it and I couldn’t believe I had never heard of or checked it out before. It also gave me a nice little spot to keep trying out the Ricoh.


The shop was called Coffee Republic and the coffee was amazing, the cafe small and beautiful.

I definitely plan to go back there soon, camera and laptop in hand, to spend a few hours working on pictures and drinking one of the nicest iced coffees I’ve ever had.

Gareth testing a viking coffee mug, complete with leather carrying case/strap. Fancy.



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