My Kingdom for a Photography Book

A long over-due visit to Saigon’s ‘Book Street.’

Back in January, Nguyen Van Binh, a street just across from Saigon’s famous ‘Notre Dame,’ cathedral, was officially turned into what is now known as ‘Book Street.

You can read some more details about the opening HERE.

With book stores lining one side, open air coffee shops the other, it’s only taken me six months to finally drive down and check it out for myself.

GR530931 copy
The nice lady who welcomes you to ‘Book Street.’ She’s not even reading her book.

Finding photography books here in Saigon is difficult. Very difficult. So I was hoping some of the shops or stalls might carry a few.

GR530944 copy

GR530921 copy

After my Vietnamese lesson this morning (taught in my school by one of our lovely Vietnamese tutors) I drove over to District 1 and found a little parking lot right next to the church, around the corner from Nguyen Van Binh.

GR530989 copy
Vietnamese 101, four years too late!

Long story short, zero photography books. In fact most of the places, as is typical here, seemed ot be selling many of the same books. The street itself however is lovely. Pedestrian only, it offers a rare oasis of calm away from the general madness of Ho Chi Minh City.

GR530948 copy

The weather was good (I have the sunburn to prove it) and picking up an iced coffee at one of the places on the street I wandered I and out of some of the shops and generally had a mooch around.

GR530979 copy

GR530928 copyThis afternoons trip featured all the classic sights to see here in Saigon, including, but not limited to friends taking constant pictures and selfies of each other in front of every shop, a group of girls in traditional Ao Dai’s having their pictures taken by a group of more pro looking photographers (go to Duc Ba church any day of the week and you will see this. What are these pictures for? I still have no idea) and tourists all over, photographing the church.

GR530915 copy

GR530955 copyHell I even took a shot myself!

GR530972 copy
Duc Ba/Notre Dame Cathedral

When in Rome…


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