Stickers and a New Project

Two weeks ago I tried to have some stickers made up to replace my business cards.

It didn’t work.

Today it worked.

Following on from THIS previous post, two weeks ago, I went today, back to the sticker printing shop I shown by my friend Gareth and collected two-hundred of their finest stickers.

Now if you look at the link above, you’ll see the terrible design I had put together myself in photoshop, in about twenty minutes. It was a real pain getting that type to wrap around inside that damn circle.

If you don’t want to look at the link, I’ll shamefully show you my crappy design here.


So when I decided I was going to try and get stickers again, I knew I needed something better. What’s the point of having two-hundred stickers that look like junk. I wanted something that stood out a bit more.

The name of the blog had since been changed so I felt I needed a new, stronger logo. The whole shebang (correct spelling, I googled it.)

A few months back I had found, a website where you could commission  artists to do various different design work for you, from logos to t-shirts, with prices starting from $5. It didn’t take me long to find Rose, a young designer from Pakistan who designed the exact type of logos I wanted and who also had a ton of great reviews.

Long story short, for $5 Rose designed me a logo that I am much happier with, revised it for me (at no extra cost) about six times, and it was all done and delivered (including revisions) in about two or three days.


I was so happy with it I decided to pay the extra money for the source files (300dpi and in various formats) so I could happily print away.

So now, armed with my new logo, I headed back to the shop and this afternoon I picked up my two-hundred stickers (also known as one cats-head of stickers, a standard unit of measurement here in Vietnam), all for around $13.

GR531020 copy
Cat handled by experienced cat-wrangler Andrew ‘Carl,’ Byrne.

I was a little worried that the quality might be a little cheap, but, as per usual with Vietnam, the printing gods smiled upon me.

The stickers are nice quality, actually sticky and come with a one day turn-around, so it’s cheap and easy to get more.

GR531032 copy
Test sticker. That guy ain’t never comin off!

Now stickers of course won’t be suitable for every photographer, but given my style, what I shoot, who I shoot and where I shoot, I think they’re a little more interesting than a regular old business card that will get lost in a wallet somewhere.

The New Project

Currently I am working on an idea to add a little more content to this blog, rather than just my ramblings and photos of cats and stickers. I’ll be posting some more info in the coming days and weeks so if you’d like to know more, you can follow me here on wordpress, on my Facebook or on my Instagram.

Check out Rose/BlueEye Design HERE if you ever want an awesome logo and great customer service. Thanks Rose!




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