Bloodshot Eye Tattoo Shop, Saigon

It has been over two years now since I last got a tattoo, so why not get something photography related?

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Over the past few months I’ve been in contact with Liem, an awesome (and heavily tattooed) barber based in District 3 here in Saigon. Naturally I asked him where he got his tattoos done and he recommended ‘Bloodshot Eye,’ to me.

Skip ahead a few weeks and for whatever reason I had the sudden urge to get something done. Nothing big, just enough to scratch that ‘tattoo itch.’

And, since I’ve been enjoying getting back into photography so much this past year or so, I thought why not get something related to that.

tattowristAfter some research online and Photoshop magic, I sent off a design to Bloodshot and asked if they could help me out. Duyen, wife of the owner Phong, replied to me ten minutes later and I was booked in.

Today I went and got it done.

Located in District 3, a five-minute drive from¬†Liem’s place, the shop was small, clean and decorated with the tattoo shop staples:

  • Skulls? Check.



  • Various masks? Check.


  • A smoking Doraemon? Check.


Actually I got there a bit too early. Phong the owner soon arrived though and we got to work.


The designs were sized up; a camera on my left wrist, a roll of film on my right, and in about a half an hour or so we were done.





r0043526-copyI’ve had some pretty painful places tattooed before (outside of the elbow, inside the elbow, inside my upper arm and the worst, for me at least, my chest.) And I had read that the wrist could be bad due to the skin being quite thin and fragile. But it was definitely the easiest one I’ve ever had done.


With a clean shop, friendly people and a seriously talented owner in Phong (his brother was there and showed me the work Phong had done for him; some really incredible color work,) Bloodshot Eye Tattoo Shop is somewhere I will recommend to anyone looking to get a tattoo done in Saigon.

Even the cat next door was friendly!


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