Goals for the Year

The last few years have been a little up and down for me when it comes to photography. I’ve gone from not shooting, to shooting a little, to getting majorly inspired for a couple of weeks and then having that inspiration and excitement wane for a few weeks after that. In a nutshell it’s been… Continue reading Goals for the Year

The Search for a New Camera

I need a camera. I need a film camera. I have a film camera. But I need a new one.

A Bad Case of G.A.S

When I began to seriously look into photography again over this past year I discovered a lot of photographers I had never heard of before. One of these was Eric Kim.

Sticking it to Safety

I have been living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the last three years now. If you have ever seen anything regarding Ho Chi Minh City, whether it’s a travel TV show, some photographs or a video on YouTube, they probably at some point involved motorbikes. Motorbikes, scooters, mopeds. These machines drive this city.… Continue reading Sticking it to Safety

Being Unprepared for the Mekhong Delta

Currently two friends from home (Dublin) are traveling throughout Vietnam. Their journey is ending here in Saigon and so we planned to do some of the more touristy things while they were here. To say our trip to the Mekong Delta taught me a few harsh lessons about getting back into film is a bit… Continue reading Being Unprepared for the Mekhong Delta

Tokyo, Blind

I went to Japan to photograph Tokyo for a few days. With no camera and no film…

It Never Feels Done

So I’ve finally hit the minimum number of pictures I wanted for my first book. And with ten more rolls to get scanned I’m hopeful that I can really get strict with the editing.

Mini Project

While I was shooting in Tokyo one evening I noticed something.

Remembering Where We Started

This is the first roll of film I ever shot. 

Special Delivery

Finding film, especially the particular film you want, is incredibly difficult in Vietnam.

The Best Bar in the World

Back when I was planning my trip to Tokyo I came across a bar known as the ‘Photographers Bar.’

Interviews, Rock N’ Roll and Home Processing

2016 is going to be interesting.

First Saigon Photography Meet

Up until recently I wasn’t quite sure just how many people in Ho Chi Minh City were interested in not only photography, but also film photography.

First Exhibition, New Interview, New Lab

Why did it take me so long to exhibit my own work?

Cock Fighting and a New Camera

Well, I’ve taken a step back into the world of digital photography. And I quite like it…