It Never Feels Done


So I’ve finally hit the minimum number of pictures I wanted for my first book.

And with ten more rolls to get scanned I’m hopeful that I can really get strict with the editing.

It’s now 3:30am and for the last four hours I’ve been going through 19 rolls worth of scans I collect from my darkroom this evening.

From those 300+ images I was able to narrow it down to 83.


My own process is pretty quick and straight forward. I don’t spend long thinking too much about the image and whether it’ll work or not. I tend to rely on gut and decide whether to keep it for the next round within a second or two.

After running through and selecting those 83 I then took a break for two hours. I find this helps me be more objective when I come back.


Back when shooting digital I always edited images as soon as I got home. I already knew which were the ones I liked and I feel it tended to cloud my judgment at times. Now with shooting film again I have to wait.


I’m getting these images back two, three weeks after shooting them. I’ve forgotten them. Each roll is exciting and I feel I can separate what I WANT to be good and what is ACTUALLY good.


Two hours after the first edit I then set up on my monitor to do the final edit (including post process work.)

This took me around four hours and brought the 83 images down to a final 19. 


I now have forty or so ‘keepers,’ for the book and fingers crossed will have about ten more from the final ten rolls. I will then edit these down to the best thirty-six to forty for the book.


I will also revisit all the first edit images over the coming days and see if there’s any I missed, any that I glanced over at first. This is going to be the hard part, getting to the point where I’m almost certain that there’s nothing else there. That it’s done. 


It never feels done. 


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