Thien Hau Temple.

District 5, Saigon.

Certainly one of the most famous/photographed temples here in Saigon. 

Each incense coil overhead burns for around seven days. 


I hate seafood but I can’t deny that it photographs well.

Early morning markets in Saigon are a photographers dream. 

10:45pm. Sunday.

Suddenly I have the urge to do something in color.


Color is far, far out of my wheelhouse.

Black and white is safe, comfortable. Color is hard. 

Next month I’ll be going to Hanoi for a week. Maybe I’ll stick to color?

See what happens. 


Saigon Creatives: The Old Is New Again

Stepping into Alyssa Jeanne’s home and studio in District 2, Saigon, it’s difficult not to feel a pang of envy. A space that any creative person would dream of having as their own, this is the quintessential artist’s house.

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