Saigon Hardcore: The Merch Man Interview

Having been photographing the local hardcore scene here in Saigon for a few months now, I find the further I get into it, the more interesting the people behind the music and the scene itself become. Not just the bands, but the fans and people who make the whole thing work.

One of these people is Dương, a young entrepreneur here in Saigon.

This week I sat down with him for a massive cà phê sữa đá and a chat about the hardcore scene here, his own discovery of hardcore music and just where he fits into this growing part of young Vietnamese society.

Full interview and pictures inside.

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James and the Van Der Beeks

Punk band from Saigon, Vietnam

Taken in District 4 at 7am last weekend

Spent nearly ten hours today shooting Hardcore United III, an awesome yearly show here in Saigon. Fourteen or fifteen bands from Vietnam and Thailand.

2700 pictures.

More to come soon.

Swung by Gareth’s today to take some shots of James and the Van Der Beeks recording, but got there just as they finished up.

Still though, did manage to catch a glimpse of a very sad sticker on one of the amps. 

Will be shooting them tomorrow along with about fourteen other bands at a show here in Saigon and plan to drench the crowd with stickers.